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Re:Thinking the future of business with data. Our aim is to build bridges between data & analytics and underline their paramount role in the local business and social landscape. Be part of a community where ideas, knowledge and expertise are exchanged for better ways of understanding.

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We are bringing together world data & analytics leaders and local professionals to debate and decode the future of business.

Take a seat at the pixel table with:
  • 1:00pm


    Hello from the Re:think team

  • 1:10pm

    Claudiu Murariu

    Co-Founder & CEO @InnerTrends

    Actionable visualizations start with selecting and defining the right metrics.

  • 2:10pm

    Anett Numa

    Digital Transformation Adviser, e-Estonia Briefing Centre

    Reshaping the landscape of decision-making in the Estonian way

  • 2:50pm

    Coffee break

    Be right back

  • 3:10pm

    Jim Sterne

    Founder @Marketing Analytics Summit

    Becoming Indispensable with Analytics.

  • 4:10pm

    Robert Petrescu

    Analytical Consultant @Google

    Mentoring Your Analytics Team.

  • 5:10pm

    Claudiu Murariu & Jim Sterne

    Co-Founder & CEO @InnerTrends
    Founder @Marketing Analytics Summit

    Local meets global: Data & Analytics Q&A.

  • 6:00pm

    Feedback, Q&A Session

    Wrapping up the event.

  • TBA

    With the data-savvy leaders.

    Soon to be announced.

Take a seat at the pixel table with:

Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne Founder @Marketing Analytics Summit

Jim has been in the sales and marketing business for over 40 years. Now he focuses all experience in strengthening customer relationships through digital communications.

Claudiu Murariu

Claudiu Murariu Co-Founder & CEO @InnerTrends

CEO and co-founder of InnerTrends, a data science platform for product teams. Also speaker at international conferences, and author of DataDiary, a newsletter on how to use data in the business decision making process.

Anett Numa

Anett Numa Digital Transformation Adviser, e-Estonia Briefing Centre

Having lived and studied in different countries, Anett has learned to appreciate living in a digital society. Anett believes that all processes and structures of public services should be accessible and simple for every single citizen.

Robert Petrescu

Robert Petrescu Analytical Consultant @Google

Robert is Analytical Consultant at Google. A data-driven bright mind and lovely presence.

The team

Together we discover what lies behind data

We joined efforts to create an analytics community dedicated to forward-thinkers and leaders who want to know how to adapt to a data-driven business environment.

We aim to build the right context where ideas and perspectives can be shared.

Silviu Toma Co-founder @MicroAnalytics

Senior analytics leader, a forward-thinking analytics agency that focuses on connecting business needs with the technical side of analytics.

Cosmin Nastasă Founder @Data Revolt Agency

15 years of digital marketing, online media, performance marketing, web analytics and advertising. Since 2018, founder of Data Revolt Agency - data marketing agency.

Bogdan Zaharia Founder @Data Revolt Agency

Started Online Knowledge Institute in Romania together with Cosmin Nastasă, offering training and courses in Analytics, GTM, SEO, Adwords and Content Marketing.

Răzvan Zlăvog Event Executive

I gathered an extensive experience of nearly 10 years in copywriting and accumulated diverse work experiences in different (sometimes completely opposite) fields.

Miruna Gheorghiță Communication Executive

Copywriter and content writer for almost 10 years. Brand storyteller that turns brands into both visual and narrative experiences.

We’re at a moment when we need nuanced, layered thinking more than ever, and the moment is being met with a new context and greater depth.

Jim Sterne

3:10pm Becoming Indispensable with Analytics.

5:10pm Local meets global: Data & Analytics Q&A.

Jim focuses his forty years in sales and marketing on creating and strengthening customer relationships through digital communications. He sold business computers to companies that had never owned one in the 1980s, consulted and keynoted about online marketing in the 1990’s, and founded a conference and a professional association around digital analytics in the 2000’s.

Following his humorous Devil's Data Dictionary, Sterne published his twelfth book, Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications. Sterne founded the Marketing Analytics Summit (formerly the eMetrics Summit) in 2002, which was the birthplace of the Digital Analytics Association. He served on the DAA Board of Directors for 15 years and is now Director Emeritus.

Jim Sterne

Claudiu Murariu

1:10pm Actionable visualizations start with selecting and defining the right metrics.

5:10pm Local meets global: Data & Analytics Q&A.

We’ve already said it and we will say it again: Claudiu is obsessed with everything data-driven. Or a data hacker, with a passion for data algorithms designed to offer relevant insights for customer success in business.

Claudiu is also a keynote speaker at product events and conferences around the world. He has been invited to hold presentations in Beijing, Hong-Kong, Romania and Russia.

Claudiu Murariu

Robert Petrescu

4:10pm Mentoring Your Analytics Team.

Robert Petrescu helps businesses make effective decisions regarding their online footprint through data-driven and transformational insights. His words are transformational as well, the more so his 8+ years of experience in the digital world recommend him as one of the top thinkers on the local business landscape.

He has worked with marketing and product teams in companies like Google, eBay, IBM or Airbus and he successfully managed to optimize their digital strategy.

Robert Petrescu

Bogdan Zaharia

5:10pm Topic: soon to be announced!

Bogdan has been in the digital business for over 10 years. As Head of Platforms at Fashion Days, speaker and trainer on Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence @ Online Knowledge Institute and co-founder of Data Revolt Agency, to name a few.

We have trust in his vision and we cannot wait to hear him speak.

Bogdan Zaharia

Anett Numa

2:10pm Reshaping the landscape of decision-making in the Estonian way

Based on her academic background in political science, Anett focuses on enhancing good cooperation between the public and private sector to create a comprehensive and supportive environment.

Her goal as a Speaker at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre is to explain the Estonian digitalisation experience and thus inspire leaders and decision-makers alike to create a better tomorrow.

Named ‘the most advanced digital society in the world’ by Wired, Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that delivers great value during the pandemic and beyond, saving lives, time and money. During the last years, Estonians have designed numerous digital solutions to help to make decision-making process based more on real-time data. Estonian Government has introduced also AI strategy and Event-based Proactive Government services framework to redesign the landscape of public services. In my talk I am going to cover some of the most outstanding solutions and plans of the government to use technology to make decision-making processes smarter and transparent.

Anett Numa

Nice to meet you!

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The first Re:Think:Analytics event was amazing. On october 15th 2020, the start was online broadcasted on our website.

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