Editorial Requirements


Our philosophy is simple: go big & stay home 🙂

It is the 1st edition and we plan to have a great start.

Therefore, respecting ourselves, our speakers and our audience is essential. 

Please see below our editorial guidelines. Any feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

1. All sessions/talks/notes must be tackling one of these 4 content pillars: 

1/ Observe – Generate Growth Through Data

2/ Understand  – Data Visualization

3/ Discover – Platforms & Tools Reunited

4/ Grow – Educate & Nurture Data Talent

No commercial/sales pitch. We are just not that kind of event. 

No talks/presentations about the merits of a vendor’s product/app/software. 

A speaker’s product/app/software shall only be mentioned in the context of providing actionable insights to help the next generation.

2. What types of sessions do we aim for?

Data talks / sessions / presentations

We envision a 45min – 1 hour talk (for the keynote speaker), narative free talks, stories, Q&A sessions, interviews – anything out of the ordinary or new is welcomed.


These are longer sessions where attendees can develop or learn new skills. A typical workshop is broken up into a presentation portion as well as a group discussion or interactive portion, with a higher emphasis on the practical aspect.

Notes: sponsors are not provided with speaking slots. The speakers we invite to participate are exclusively selected by our team. These choices are not tied to any sponsorship. Allowing things to happen differently would degrade the whole event both for the attendees and for the speakers and thus would make it less valuable for the sponsors themselves.

Looking forward to deliver a great event, 

Thanks a lot.

The Re:think data team.


Copywriter and content writer for almost 10 years. Brand storyteller that turns brands into both visual and narrative experiences. Event executive for Re:Think:Analytics, turning ideas into live broadcasts, for the moment.

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