Re:Think:Analytics 2020 was Live. Great beginnings for data & analytics forward-thinkers


In raw data, this is how Re:Think:Analytics looks after the 1st event, on 15th of october 2020: we had 670 views, representing the number of times the video was played. With 126 peak viewers, an average watch time counted at 39:30 minutes and 26.5k total minutes watched, we call our first event a success.

In terms of demographics, data shows 32,58% of visitors occupying business development positions, 15,15% of visitors work in marketing departments, 8,33% in research, 6,82% in IT and 3,03% of the people who have been watching are entrepreneurs. Other percentages are in sales, engineering and operations, with an average of 3%. The interesting part is one category that belongs to the arts and design, 6,06% of the people who attended belong to these liberal professions. 

Data sits at the heart of everything, as our manifesto says. And even more so, it can shape our way of thinking and it can lead to progress. But only with the right insights:

Re:Think:Analytics  started one year and a half ago, when we’ve met and wondered how we could bring forth some themes, some subjects that are of interest to all of us. A few people, some of them with serious years of experience in digital analytics and data, and others with a lively will to learn new things and tell stories that challenge minds and open new perspectives, have come up with Re:Think:Analytics.

We are the first community of data-driven thinkers in Romania, dedicated to companies and professionals interested in data & analytics strategies, tools, results and above all, people who make a difference with their data-driven approach.

The concept of data is huge and of great impact on societies, science and businesses altogether. Our aim is to raise awareness on using data-driven insights and technologies to create positive change and outcomes.

The first Re:Think:Analytics conference is our first step towards creating a consistent community, knowledge base and strong connections with the most renowned professionals in the world and in our country.

Here are some of the behind the scenes photos:

If you are one of the attendees, we have set up a short survey you can access here.

A short summary of the conference:  

Claudiu Murariu, Co-Founder & CEO @InnerTrends has spoken about the importance of using the right metrics in order to perform actionable data visualizations. A very important step in the journey of each and every marketing analytics expert/ Actionable visualizations start with selecting and defining the right metrics.pdf

Anett Numa had an amazing intervention, sharing her knowledge as Digital Transformation Adviser for e-Estonia, the most digitally advanced country in the world. She has shared her country’s challenges, radical changes in thinking and doing state administration and Estonia’s overall perspective on education, digital transformation and remarkable innovation/ Reshaping the landscape of decision-making in the Estonian way.pdf

Robert Petrescu, Analytical Consultant @Google has shared his knowledge as a mentor for a team of analytics experts and has talked about what it means to grow and develop a team of professionals in data & analytics. A short session of Q&A has followed and we have discovered some great insights from a great professional and human being/ Mentoring Your Analytics Team.pdf

Jim Sterne, our keynote speaker has been showing us how we can become indispensable to an organization with analytics. With his over 35 years of experience in marketing and his visionary approach to business, he left us thinking about data strategies, improvement and better ways of working and becoming outstanding professionals/ Becoming Indispensable with Analytics.pdf

Local has met global. They shaked hands and had an amazing dialogue. Claudiu and Jim have had the generosity to let us hear them talk about data and analytics in a great Q&A session. 

We are happy and absolutely delighted and thankful to have had this gang of four on a scene, sharing their vision and their knowledge. And we are thankful that you, the ones who are reading this, have been there with us.

Speaking of which, we are sharing a bit of the unseen, namely the answers we’ve got in the submission form set up on the website. We have read everything and got inspired by what you want us to come up with. The community already takes shape and we are here to listen to each other and challenge lively conversations.

Here are some of the expectations you have from us:

  • Trends (two answers)
  • Wisdom
  • Data Analysis
  • Conversation with experts
  • New ways in which data can help businesses and how to get data analysis to the next level (amazing, thank you!)
  • Data sources and insight generation
  • Configure content grouping
  • Meeting analytics experts
  • Information I can apply in my job activity
  • Better understanding and better data analysis
  • To expand my knowledge
  • Learn more about how to track sales / leads
  • Clarity, actionable insights
  • Need for better use of data
  • Discover new ideas and tools for work
  • Information about using data to get better advertising performance. How to understand and analyze data
  • Tips on how to make sense of data
  • About experts: how their job helps them in their daily life when making decisions
  • Insights on analytics
  • Learn new things from analytics experts
  • Gain a new perspective on how data can assist and back up decision management
  • To get acquainted with the terminology of data and analytics and better understand the concept
  • Handling and analyzing data
  • Insights in data analysis and interpretation info that can help me better understand this segment

Take it as a promise that we are working to improve and deliver great and consistent content. Up until then, our is there to feed your thirst for knowledge with think pieces, future webinars and partnerships with the greatest data & analytics minds in the world, inspired by your expectations.

Together, we are Re:Thinking the future of business with data.

If you have any questions and recommendations feel free to connect with us on social media or write to us at hello(@) If you want to support our work, you can do it here.

Re:Think:Analytics is brought to you by MicroAnalytics and Data Revolt and everything visual your eyes hopefully admire is created by the amazing guys at VÂNĂ Animation Studio.  See their work:

The first Re:Think:Analytics live broadcast was supported by, Ve Global, Publicis Romania, RTB House, Radio Guerrilla, The Home, AwE WorkS, The Live Agency, Prestigio, Upgrade 100, Unison and Revista Biz.

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Copywriter and content writer for almost 10 years. Brand storyteller that turns brands into both visual and narrative experiences. Event executive for Re:Think:Analytics, turning ideas into live broadcasts, for the moment.

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Copywriter and content writer for almost 10 years. Brand storyteller that turns brands into both visual and narrative experiences. Event executive for Re:Think:Analytics, turning ideas into live broadcasts, for the moment.

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